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Why Do We Need "America First"?

* When used as a political term, "[Your Own Country] First" usually signifies a "nationalist" political orientation.
"Nationalism" entails the basic right of citizens to organize themselves to protect their own vital interests, take control of their own destiny, and assure their own survival as a people. (The ability to control ones own destiny on a grass roots level is called "popular sovereignty"). The phrase "charity begins at home" applies on a national level as well as on a household level. A nation that does not continually reinvest in itself to stay up with its competitors and generate positive cash flow will eventually go into bankruptcy, just like a business.
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This may change forever
your view of national media

Why does supporting nationalism, to include even certain forms of "white nationalism," make good long term business sense for American entrepreneurs as well as for big business?
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Reconciling Nationalism and Libertarianism

"The American Revolution was a libertarian revolution" observed Dr. Murray Rothbard. Yet "libertarianism" seems to result in porous borders, outsourced strategic industries, alien mafia infiltration of key power bases, misplaced permissiveness, and other evils. Many libertarians claim that the problem is that our "libertarianism" is simply not "pure" enough. Is it possible that we really need to reconcile this with something entirely different called "nationalism?"

Religious Nationalism

  American Revolutionary Tom Paine wrote
The Age of Reason to help liberate us from irrational Biblical dogma, yet many Americans today irrationally place Zionist and other alien religious interests ahead of "America First" and their very own ethno-racial survival. Is it is possible to have a truly effective nationalist movement without first resurrecting ones very own indigenous tribal religion --to include a truly "white" religion for whites? We are explicitly honest (as usual) on this and other hot issues in our Religious Crisis section.

The ultimate in religious nationalism for Europeans?

A controversial, free-thinking Scandinavian immigrant who drew the ire of certain authorities and had to leave the country, this Danish-born lady helped pioneer the revitalization of the ancestral religion of America's Anglo-Saxon founders, exercising the same right to practice tribal religion that is also exercised by Jews with Judaism, Japanese with Shinto, and certain American Indian tribes with native American religion. See how indigenous religion, folklore, culture, politics, economics, and other key social elements can support nationalism and a stronger, more viable society in the Else Christensen and The Odinist archive.


  Michael Collins Piper
. ..Mr. Piper has written for the American Free Press and previously The SPOTLIGHT. Please see his author profile page with links to other works.

Col Donn de Grand Pre  
Author of The Serpent's Sting, The Viper's Venom, and The Rattler's Revenge, comprising Books I, II, and II of his highly acclaimed Barbarians Inside the Gates series.
. . .Col Grand Pre was a former senior Pentagon official. He wrote about a silent coup against America on 9-11 by insiders. Profile, archive.


  Dr. Doug Rokke, Phd, former Director
U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project
Leading DU expert comments on one of the greatest environmental disasters and genocidal war crimes in history. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. servicemen and innocent civilians are victims. Please see his author archive.

Rev Ted Pike  
Our First Amendment rights are under extremely serious continued attack. Rev Pike has been a leading activist to thwart legislative initiatives similar to what have already destroyed basic rights in Canada and most European nations. Please see his articles archive about the latest threats, and his calls for activism in defense of freedom. Includes views of other writers on the thought police threat.
. . .
  William B. Fox
President, The America First Institute and America First Books

An experienced business and military person addresses a wide range of topics, from technological innovation and economic analysis to national media brainwashing, loss of civil liberties, and political crises. Please see the author archive.

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Our Mission:
Why Do We Need "America First"?

*"Nationalism," like other political perspectives, comes in all kinds of variations and permutations.
Some forms of "nationalism" are very good, natural, productive, and healthy for society, whereas other types can be very negative (particularly criminal or predatory forms). Nationalist nation-building concepts do not necessarily imply selfishness in foreign affairs, or "rob Peter to pay Paul" policies at home. In the long run, until nations can build strength from within, they are incapable of lending strength to others. In addition, "Good fences often make good neighbors." Therefore, we support "Britain First," "Scotland First," "Sweden First," "Canada First," and other "First" policies for nations around the world provided that they practice honest and productive forms of nationalism. Please see a discussion of the "international nationalist" concept Here.
* In the long run we all pay a price for our ignorance and delusions that is greater than our gains, both in terms of direct costs and opportunity costs.
We require Internet sites such as this one that can explain hard truths, to include various pro-"genetic" ideological viewpoints heavily suppressed by mainstream media in America as well as around the world. Please see further discussion of opposing ideological viewpoints Here.
* The "paleo-diet" concept also applies to politics and broader social functioning.
The "paleo-diet" concept holds that our ancestors became adapted to certain types of diets of unrefined foods through evolutionary processes that spanned hundreds of thousands of years. As we increasingly stray away from the kinds of diets of unrefined, unprocessed foods that kept out ancestors healthy (and also as we depart from their patterns of regular exercise), and instead eat highly refined foods loaded with unnatural chemicals, our immune systems become degraded, our general health deteriorates, and we become more vulnerable to cancer and other diseases.
Similarly, on a broader sociological level, most human societies (with some major exceptions, such as the unique Jewish evolutionary history), have evolved in homogeneous tribal societies with an indigenous religion and folk culture that reinforce cohesion, ethics, family values, and other elements of the general social fabric which enable societies to successfully compete and remain productive in the face of the predatory or parasitic traits of alien groups. Unlike Jewish groups, the primary themes for earning a livelihood involved farming, hunting, fishing, and other subsistence activities that generally involved man vs. nature. Competition with other tribes has historically involved openly hostile conquest in which every tribe fought for its own exclusive territory. Jews are unique to the extent that their evolutionary history has reflected covert man vs. man competition with a reliance on low cunning rather than open hostility or conquest to acquire assets, has focused on transactional businesses rather than upon skilled craftsmanship of useful products, and has also reflected an ability to function as a perpetual "professional minority" within a permanent "Diaspora" without any overwhelming requirement for their own exclusive geographic territory.
As most human societies depart from the indigenous culture imprinted upon their ancestors, whether under pressure to act like atomized interchangeable labor units in an unfettered capitalist society that places short term monetary rewards above all other human values, or under ideological pressure to fulfill far leftist-universalistic ideals which can be equally unnatural and destructive, most human societies tend to become increasingly dysfunctional. Families increasingly fall apart, alcoholism skyrockets, and other symptoms of social decay and moral disorder tend to escalate.
People are as much creatures of instinct as they are of reason (as reflected in the genetics vs. environment debate in psychology), and there are natural instinctive traits that apply on a broad social (or "sociobiological") level that have an enormous impact on society as well as the aggregate total of individualized behavior (or individual psychology).
There are natural rhythms and instinctive patterns of behavior that apply on a broad social level that reflect the unique evolutionary patterns of each unique human group which must be recognized to preserve optimal social functioning. All of this in turn requires a certain degree of racial, ethnic, and cultural homogeneity. All of this also defies normal "environmental" ideological analysis, but instead can only explained with biological evolutionary models rather than "linear" logical models. (Please see further discussion of opposing ideological viewpoints Here, to include a comparison of the "neo-Jacobin" environmental top down and anarcho-libertarian environmental bottom up viewpoints with opposing "genetic" and "mutualism vs. parasitism" ideological viewpoints).
All of this creates an interesting paradox worth mentioning. In order to function successfully as a group, one must first become intimately familiar with the innate traits of ones own people and learn how to help protect them. After all, as much as ones own group may suffer various weaknesses as well as strengths, not standing up for ones own people, and being reduced to an atomized individual -- is the worst possible outcome over the long run.
However, in order to successfully compete against other groups, one must also become intimately familiar with the alien traits of alien peoples. This is important aspect of the "international nationalist" concept discussed elsewhere on this web page. One of the most significant alien groups on the world stage at present consists of Zionists and their confederates, who include the Rothschild-City of London crime cabal and the Russian-Jewish mafia who rank number one in the serial financial plundering of nations, and Mossad-CIA operatives who rank as the number one black ops/false flag malefactors on the planet.
* On an ideological level, American society has historically been heavily skewed towards anarcho-libertarianism (environmental bottom up) and neo-Jacobinism (environmental top down) ideology with increasing intensity ever since 1861, arguably more so than even Imperial Rome and ancient Babylon, creating one of the most extraordinarily unnatural societies, and one of the greatest "propaganda matrices" of fraud, deception, and self-delusion in the history mankind.
Some of the motives for all of this were seemingly noble and utopian, but others have been downright sinister, reflecting runaway greed for low cost labor, an imperial need to keep former Confederate states and alien ethnic groups integrated at all costs. There has also been a parasitic agenda at play by an alien Jewish elite out to maintain their hegemony over the U.S. as their "riding horse," first and foremost through their privately owned, fiat money-based, central banking system (the Federal Reserve) and control of most major national media during the 20th century.
The paleoconservative (genetic bottom up) perspective is one of many excellent antidotes that can help individuals de-brainwash themselves out of the evil propaganda matrix that has completely turned American society on its head, with increasing intensity ever since the inception of the War of Northern Aggression Against Southern Independence (misnamed the "Civil War") in 1861 and the so-called "Reconstruction" era which immediately followed (another Orwellian term for an unspeakable dark, oppressive, and tragic period in American history).
* As America's social, political, and economic problems become increasingly severe, we not only require no-holds barred deep analysis of the real nature of underlying problems, but also the will to educate the public, arouse politic action, and interdict the worsening of such problems.
Please see our Fukushima symposium project web page (once we get it up and running) about our efforts to find solutions to radiation warfare being waged against Japan, North America, Europe, and the rest of the world, and the Mission of Conscience Trilogy about our efforts to analyze and ultimate interdict false flag operations designed to completely destroy constitutional government and enslave or genocide all but a privileged few.
* Historically, "nationalism" derives from "tribalism," which naturally evolves from the extended family social unit.
America has become such a polyglot of different indigenous European tribes --not to mention racial groups from other parts of the planet -- that there is a serious question about the extent to which there really is such a thing as a native form of "American nationalism" that applies to whites as opposed to superficial "patriotic" jingoism. Ironically, it may be necessary to scrupulously examine the characteristics of various forms of European "nationalism" that have evolved for over a thousand years before one can intelligently discuss their offspring in America. Please see a further discussion of the sorry current status of "American nationalism" on our "Libertarianism vs. Nationalism" web page Here.
Please also see the commentary to the question: Does ethnic solidarity matter in the defense of liberty? from the Have You Been Brainwashed? Quiz
* Please help us continue our research and analysis. With your donations, we can not only sustain but also expand our full time efforts. Please visit the donation page Here.


Continued article:

Why do various forms of nationalism, to include "white nationalism," make good long term business sense for American entrepreneurs as well as for big business?

Up until they became invaded by massive waves of third world immigration following World War II, homogeneous northern European countries such as Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and the Netherlands had the highest quality work forces in the world in terms of literacy, innovativeness, technological adaptation, and productivity. The organizational behavior problems of businesses are similar to those of countries on a much broader social scale. They require a certain level of ethnic and racial homogeneity and cohesion to sustain real economic growth and maintain a high level of productivity. Racial "diversity" actually increases various forms of internal strife. Affirmative action racial politics seriously undermine real meritocracy.
On a very broad social level, the brand of nationalism (or more accurately "popular sovereignty") that I lean towards at this web site is very similar in concept to the McKinsey 7-S framework advocated by Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr. in their classic work In Search of Excellence: Lessons From America's Best-Run Companies. They talk about the virtues of "loose-tight" management that encourages local initiative, and I talk about the importance of decentralized decision nodes and individual liberty. They talk about the need for "shared values" (which includes shared "superordinate goals"), and I talk about the need for shared racial and cultural identity. They talk about how all the different "7-S's" have to pull together to create an effective business team, and similarly I address how all the elements of popular sovereignty must come together in order for a people to survive and determine their own destiny.
Selective forms of patriotism ("jingoism") that focus on limited issues do not cut it any more, if ever they did. Conservatives must stay in the fight until all the key elements of popular sovereignty work together effectively. They must also be able to clearly identify their racial and ideological enemies.
In the long run, it is far less costly to society and far more productive for businesses if they reinvest in a homogeneous society and maintain domestic control of their most vital manufacturing infrastructure than if they outsource industry and racially mix up their own work forces. Homogeneous countries such as the aforementioned countries up until World War II were able to show steady economic advancement for centuries. In contrast, America's mania for racial "diversity" following the 1965 immigration reform act has only opened up tidal waves of illegal Third World immigration. Instead of promising centuries of stability and real progress looking forward, America's multi-racial, multi-cultural, globalist policies seem to be heading our increasingly bankrupt society towards a total disaster that may be only years, if not a decade or two away. Please note my discussion of deteriorating economic and social vital signs in my Critical Issues section.
In regard to the Establishment's contempt for "nationalism" in the name of "free trade," multi-culturalism," "globalism" and other modern liberal love objects, just wait for the day when China decides to confiscate the remainder of America's investment in its manufacturing infrastructure. (Please see my Preface to Ways That Are Dark: The Truth About China). Please also wait for Japan, China, and other countries that hold gigantic dollar reserves from America's out of control balance of trade deficits (resulting from a loss of competitive domestic industry that can make quality tradable goods) to decide to dump their dollars and bond holdings and send America into a hyperinflationary spiral.
In regard to the racial diversity trend which is causing the white population to steadily decline by about 1.5% a year as a percentage of America's total population, please see my Preface to Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Tom Chittum. The current demographic trends do not paint a pretty picture, to say the least. The ultimate end game of white dispossession can be seen today in South Africa, where one third of the white Afrikaner population, or about a million whites, are now homeless, destitute, unemployable, and oppressed by black Marxists.
Lastly, please be clear that I am speaking about a libertarian form of white nationalism that seeks to minimize government. The is the "genetic bottom up" version I discuss in my "Reconciling Opposing Political and Economic Ideologies" series. This was in fact the ideology of America's Founding Fathers.
Unfortunately today many libertarians, such as certain anarcho-libertarian lecturers at the Mises Institute (, tend to use the term "nationalism" in a negative sense. They connote an authoritarian, statist, socialistic version that encourages corrupt crony capitalism. Many of them will not even go near white racial issues, much less connect the words "white racial" with "nationalism." Some of them are scared to death of being called "racists" and might even turn white and faint on the floor if labeled "anti-semitic."
This is unfortunate because many Mises Institute lecturers make quite a few very excellent points across a wide variety of topics. In fact, I have listened to just about all of their archived lectures and recommend them, subject to my aforementioned reservations. However, here at America First Books we feel compelled to summon internal fortitude and confront the really hard issues. The ultimate issues involve hard realities that must be confronted head on if we are to ever return to sustainable prosperity.
Early Americans prospered from a libertarian version of white racial nationalism that was also known as 19th century classical liberalism (not to be mistaken with "modern liberalism," which is often the opposite on many important issues.). In the long run, this can simultaneously minimize the harmful effects of government intervention, guard against alien subversion, and preserve the underlying cultural and genetic integrity of ones society. In the long run this approach can also help make America a more viable, more productive, more secure, and more humane country in its relationships with other nations around the world than the fraudulent policies advocated by modern liberals. Far from being irrelevant, this viewpoint is now more timely than ever given growing evidence of massive system dysfunction and increasing breakdown in America today.
Just because the proverbial "King with no clothes" and his treasonous Establishment are naked does not mean that you have to look foolish as well. (For more on the real underlying nature of the "treason" please see Final Judgment, The High Priests of War, Dirty Secrets, The Judas Goats, and The Viper's Venom). If there is anyone who deserves to turn white and faint on the floor first, it is the criminal Zionists who are trying to take away our First Amendment rights in order for them to continue covering up their crimes, not us.



Major Issues, Key Ideas


The ongoing nuclear radiation catastrophe following the 3-11-2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami has many disturbing false flag characteristics in common with the BP-Gulf crisis listed below. Contrary to mainstream media reports, it may wind up being more than a 100 to a 1,000 times worse than Chernobyl -- and will likely cause horrifying health problems for many Americans as well as Japanese. Please link to our continually updated pages:

Fukushima Catastrophe open source intelligence summary page. This web page provides strong evidence that the nuclear reactor melt-downs were ultimately caused by deliberate sabotage utilizing Mossad-CIA's Stuxnet virus. (Please be patient. This web page is long and takes time to load).

The president of the America First Institute featured in "Fukushima Radiation Present In America," by W. Leon Smith, owner, The Lone Star Iconoclast, Oct 14, 2012.


"Aerial Dance of Mass Death and Genetic Destruction" Week-by-week Fukushima radiation and fallout projections and companion articles
. The plume chart above estimates the spread of radioactive Neptunium 239 over North America on March 24, 2011. Other very dangerous isotopes such as Plutonium 239, Cesium 137, and Iodine 131 provided a witches' brew of fallout. The general public was never adequately warned about this danger. This chart is just one example contained in the week-by-week chart series. The tasteless, colorless, "invisible" radiation threat circling the Northern Hemisphere is extremely real. It threatens to genocide major portions of the Japanese people -- and much of America as well.
Each web page in this series also lists articles that provide deep background. Lastly, please also see our Real Time U.S. Radiation Monitoring Web Page.


Individual and Group Radiation Protection
What you don't know will hurt you. Fukushima radiation is silently impacting on all Americans. There are protective measures you must know about HERE.

Leuren Moret

A leading whistleblower against radiation warfare and global depopulation archived HERE.
She explains the role of Mossad-CIA's Stuxnet virus in the Fukushima melt-downs and how the Japanese, a large number of Americans, and many other peoples around the world are the targets of "soft-kill" genocide.

Dr. Chris Busby

How we are getting bitten by invisible radiation "snakes" that cause heart attacks, premature aging, and myriad other ailments besides cancer. The Fukushima catastrophe and other radiation threats are far from over, and you need to protect yourself. ...more HERE.

A Nuclear 9/11?
An American Fukushima?
Why flooded Fort Calhoun, Nebraska in 2011 and other crippled nuclear power plants had experts on edge -- and the nuclear industry danger is not over yet...more HERE.

The Chernobyl Catastrophe: Horrific Dress Rehearsal For the Even More Horrific Fukushima Disaster
The impacts since the 1986 meltdown tell us what we need to know about what Fukushima can do to our future. More HERE .


The Japanese and U.S. Governments -- as well as their national media counterparts, have proven themselves to be somewhere between criminally negligent and utterly incompetent in handling continuing nuclear-related crises. The America First Institute is trying to stimulate various forms of online as well as in-person conferencing to help provide solutions. Part of this process involves giving enhanced web page visibility to independent radiation experts such as Leuren Moret and Dr. Doug Rokke.
Please help support a Fukushima and American nuclear crisis symposium project (a work in progress) by visiting our donation page HERE..


The Mission of Conscience Trilogy  
Former U.S. Army intelligence officer, Captain May is the founder of an informal group of civilian and former military volunteers who use the Internet in an effort to try to predict and thwart false flag attacks and expose other high level criminal activity by an alien establishment. The need for intelligent cyber activism is more timely than ever. Please see his web page and the Mission of Conscience Trilogy that gives a good overview of 9/11 and other major black ops run between 2003 and 2009.


The Deepwater Horizon rig before it sank

Another "Black Op?" Please see "The BP-Gulf Catastrophe As a False Flag Operation" intelligence summary page (another lengthy "work in progress" web page that takes a while to load). Poisonous dispersants such as Corexit 9500 and hazardous hydrocarbons have blown inland and endangered the health of tens of millions of people. There is strong evidence that the leakage continues, and that pollution has broken the Loop Current which once served as a "heat pump" for the Gulf Stream. This in turn helped reduce the severity of European winters relative to similar attitudes in Siberia, Alaska, and northern Canada.



The greatest enemy of "nationalism" today is "globalism." There are good (productive) and bad (criminal) forms of globalism, just like there exists both productive and criminal forms of nationalism. Generally speaking, globalists seek to eliminate national borders, economic independence, and the ability of most peoples (except for the globalists' inner circle) to maintain their own racial, ethnic, and cultural distinctiveness.
Please see the rest of this article below under "Globalist War"...continued.



An Act of War Against the "WASPiest of the WASPs." The 7-22 Oslo bombing and Utoya Island shootings were very likely another Mossad-CIA-MI6 false flag attack, just like NYC 9/11, Madrid 3-11, and London 7/7. This, along with Fukushima global radiation depopulation, symbolizes total globalist ruthlessness. It may also mark a turning point when "dispossessed majorities" in America and Europe decide they are tired of enduring stealth attacks. Please see our long Oslo-Utoya intelligence summary web page.


Iceland's "Pots and Pans" Revolution just might be the turning point against parasitic international banking cartels that have victimized Russia, the UK, Ukraine, Iceland, most Third World countries, and even what they derisively call the "PIIG's" (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and Greece). Worse yet, the "Iceland experience" provides a Rosetta Stone for evil forces poised to strike America next. Please see our series Iceland gets "ENRONed," Then Goes for "1776." The pain has just begun. Coming to your neighborhood soon




Be honest with yourself about the real reasons for your unease with the "Obama Nation" (Part I) and the "Black Angel of Death" (Part II)



Rev Ted Pike and wife Alynn
Why do deceptively-named "Hate Crime" initiatives before Congress threaten our most important rights? Why do the pressure groups that promote this require "eternal vigilance" and continued major citizen political action? Rev Ted Pike and other leading free speech activists have important answers. Please also learn how this type of very dangerous "Trojan Horse" legislation has already destroyed key free speech rights in Canada and Britain.


Underloved, un-funded, and misunderstood  
Neo-Trotskyite "Neo-Cons" are flush with cash while genuine American Old Right patriots can barely pay bills. New World Order "predators" run amok because patriotic "counter-predators" are heavily suppressed and kept weak. Please take a look at specific cases and writings. Pictured at right: Randy Weaver on the back cover of Federal Siege.

Scandinavian immigrants have always had a reputation for being unusually honest, law-abiding, stable, innovative, and productive. This Finnish political asylum seeker got jailed by the Obama Nation and deported back to Finland for his opinions. Why?


THE PANDEMIC CRISIS: Is there such a thing as a medical or vaccination version of the "9/11 inside job" false flag attack?

Why is there so much contrary evidence surrounding the alleged "swine flu" threat and other pandemic warnings? A former FBI Division Chief, two former U.S. military intelligence officers, numerous doctors, leading investigative journalists, publishers of major "alternative media" in America, and quite a few other experts warn that the establishment is deceiving you. Your life may depend on their message. Please check out our False Flag Pandemic alert page.

Continued article:



Criminal forms of of globalism typically place money-making above all other human values. In extreme cases, this includes "disaster capitalism" situations where globalists place bets in futures markets to profit from destructive events that they themselves covertly help create. In other extreme cases, "globalism" can be used as a Trojan Horse to breach national protective barriers designed to prevent the plundering of strategic assets and the poisoning of the environment.
Using a predator vs. counter predator ecological model to explain political balance of power, globalist "rats" (that is, those who practice criminal forms of globalism) are out of control today because there are too few nationalist "cats" (that is, those who practice productive forms of nationalism) to keep them in check.
The "globalists" who are currently doing the most injury to North American and European countries are spearheaded by the City of London Rothschilds, major Zionist-controlled Wall Street firms, Mossad-CIA, and various other allies, to include Protestant Christian Zionists and Zionist-infiltrated segments of the Catholic Church who promote open-ended anti-nationalist, universalistic ideologies.
Paradoxically, it is not that any of these "globalist" groups or their minions totally hate all forms of "nationalism" per se, in fact, quite to the contrary, they want to practice the most extremely criminal, predatory, and selective forms of nationalism for their own group ("Israel and Zionism First"), while treating everyone else like atomized and expendable work units, children, slaves, or cattle. The "hot zone" in their war against "everyone else" has included false flag attacks like 9/11, London 7-7-2005, and more recently the BP-Gulf Catastrophe and Fukushima global radiation disaster.


The Evolution of the America First Institute

This web site was originally the home page of America First Trust, which provided commentary by William B. Fox on investment and other Wall Street-related issues from 2003-2005 while he once worked as a full time stock broker (1995-2005). He was able to post his articles at many leading financial web sites on the Internet as well as this one. However, when discussing financial markets, he frequently felt frustrated by constraints placed upon him by securities industry compliance departments in terms of being able to explicitly identify the influence of high level criminal malefactors and market manipulators, such as Mossad-CIA, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, the Russian Jewish mafia, and the Rothschild-City of London crime family. The original home page layout for can be found Here.
Feeling a need to provide ebooks that provide deep background behind Wall Street manipulation and other forms of high level corruption in America, Bill Fox subsequently developed America First Books and the name "America First Institute" to demonstrate a focus on think tank-related research, analysis, and activist causes. This web site links to many articles and "open source intelligence, alternative media" web pages carried on an America First Books URL because they were developed there first.
The redevelopment of this home page reflects how "America First Trust" and "America First Books" have both finally morphed into a full-fledged "America First Institute" web presence, with the gloves off in terms of providing full scale paleoconservative analysis, commentary, and calls to action.


The Cowpens Flag, one of many circular star patterns used by "American Whigs" (or "Patriots")